Non Obvious Advantages of a Car With Driver in Milan

1 October 2018 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
Milan Center

In this article I remind you of the non-obvious benefits you could have in renting a car with driver in Milan for your travels.

Chauffeur use class cars to transport people, and sometimes luxury. Even rightly this may suggest that a car with driver is ideal only for a certain type of people. With higher than average economic possibilities.

It is not entirely true. There are advantages for everyone when using a car with driver. In this article I’ll tell you 3 non-obvious benefits of using a car rental with driver if you live in Milan, as they are a Chauffeur in Milan.


If the cost of a car with a driver is a thought for you, excluding if there are indisputably serious economic hardships, generalizing, most likely may mean three things:

  • Estimate the cost of a single ride, and not the medium/long term savings;
  • You already have a car;
  • For you, comfort and class are not important.

In fact, although the cost of a car with driver may be higher, for example that of the car owned, this is true if you are only looking at the race.

Already looking at the annual cost of a car, between stamp, car value devaluation, insurance, revisions, fuel costs, tires, repairs, tolls, fines and more, which on average annual cost are €5000.

Not for nothing I wrote this article thinking of Milan, in fact, unless you travel continuously for work in the car through public transport, car sharing, bike sharing and other means you would a nice saving. On “special” occasions you could contact me to have a nice car with driver.

If you already have a car, you are very likely to move around independently. Please note that if you need the only driver service with your car I’m available.

By choice, you may not even think about transport class, elegance and with all the amenities. Nothing to object, everyone is free to do as they please.

Respect for nature

More and more often we talk about environmental respect and climate change as the resources of our planet are not infinite and we must take care of them.

To take care of the earth, one should not just talk about it. Not even think that they care only other people or do nothing until it is imposed. Sometimes you have to change your habits slightly or take precautions.

Reducing vehicles in circulation and adopting alternative means of transport, including cars with drivers, are useful for safeguarding the planet.

Livability of Milan

Even generalizing and not looking exclusively at peak times or certain areas of the city; Milan is a very busy city.

During holiday periods, the absence of sustained traffic is very noticeable. The city becomes more livable, on a human scale.

By eliminating traffic as much as possible, even using alternative means of transport if possible, such as a car with driver, if possible, the city becomes more livable. Obviously, the difference is made by many, but also in this case the “responsibility” lies with every single person.

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