Airport Shuttle: Why Choose a Car with Driver

1 June 2020 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
shuttle for airport

If you need a airport shuttle in this article I tell you why you should choose an car with driver service, you can discover the advantages that you could have compared to traditional shuttles.

Usually the shuttle to the airport is intended as the coach of various companies that at set times and in specific areas gather people to take them to the airport.

As Chauffeur I offer a customized service

From what I just said, all the disadvantages of a shuttle to the common airport compared to the car services with driver that I offer already emerge.

My NCC services (professional car rental with driver) are tailor-made, and your needs are different from those of other people. your trip to the airport will also be different.

In practice, the main factors that must interest you when choosing the airport shuttle are:

  • The distance, the time and further travel necessary to take the airport shuttle;
  • The time of the departure of your flight;
  • Knowledge of the city from which the airport shuttle departs;
  • Your propensity in looking for connections, planning and booking everything in detail;
  • Your willingness and willingness to wait.

Using a likely example, if, for example, you have a plane that takes you to another city or country that leaves at 6 in the morning, you could check where the “normal” shuttle to the airport is, the departure times, see if you know where the place is and where you can reach it, book tickets and write down all the stages you need to do.

Or you can contact me referring to what time the flight departs and where I have to come to pick you up and I will take you to the airport.

With what I just said, you understand why choosing an NCC over a traditional airport shuttle. But there are not only these advantages.

Even for people who do not usually use a car with a driver for their travel there are advantages in choosing an car with driver as an airport shuttle over the traditional bus. These are indirect additional costs beyond comfort.

Depending on the departure time of the plane, it may be necessary to sleep in a hotel in the airport or nearby, and if the trip lasts several days and you want to go to the airport by car, there is the cost of parking. Indirectly also of the possible damages that the car could suffer.

If you need a shuttle (car or minivan up to 8 seats) to Malpensa, Orio al Serio, Linate or Verona airport contact me and/or book online on this website.

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