Application for Book a Chauffeur, Not Required!

1 December 2015 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
prenotare ncc smartphone

Not long ago I wrote about various methods to book a car with driver online and considerable advantages for those who entrust themselves to my service, in that article I did not make good reference to smartphones and other mobile devices, more and more present in daily life.

Through this article I speak instead of only smartphones as a means to book a car with driver saying because application is not necessary to book chauffeur and as unnecessary and even awkward most of the time, not only, through a small tutorial I point like turn this website into an application to reserve a transport with chauffeur, from various points of view much easier that an application.

Convenience and speed of booking

Two of the main reasons for people installing and wants to use an application for smartphones are definitely the convenience and speed guaranteed in doing various tasks while on the move or at least while using the mobile device, this also applies to a hypothetical application to book a chauffeur.

If the comfort I can not object if the application does what it is installed, the convenience and speed of use may not always be the best, in fact:

  • Can be shown not relevant content or advertising that distract from the achievement of the objective;
  • In order to achieve the goal there is still need to install the application, a slight slowdown of the smartphone creates it;
  • The application for book NCC may not allow you to rent the car the driver of confidence.

How to turn this website in an application to book a chauffeur

After saying it may be inconvenient to use an application to reserve a chauffeur now say the simple solution to the problem but not all well known: transform a website in an application to book transportation with chauffeur.

The simple steps you need to do to turn this website to instantly book a car and driver are to:

1) Visit via smartpone the contact page from where you can book your car with driver (;

2) With most of the browsers on your smartphone Android (Chrome, Android browser, Firefox, etc.) with which you view the page there is an option to save the page on the home screen, with Safari (browser Apple iPhone) just press the plus button (+) and select to add to the home;
Add from browser to smartphone
add to home smartphone
3) Now on the main screen you have the link to the booking page of this website;
Booking Car App  Link Home Smartphone

With a click on the link to the home you have created go to the booking page of this website and you’ll find the method you prefer booking a chauffeur, contact form, email address or telephone number, in no time you’ll have booked your journey.

I personally recommend you do this to those who often relies my transport services, the reservation can be even faster than writing email, who found himself well and want to contact me again quickly, and to whom, even occasionally became transported in a destination but will also call on the return trip and has not agreed for various reasons.

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