Avoid Strikes of Transport in December, Book Your Trip

1 December 2016 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
avoid strikes transport book your trip

Book your trip to Milan on a car with driver and avoid public transport strikes the line, even in December.

In this article I’ll tell you why you can be very convenient to book your transport by car with driver especially in December, in Milan, you never know that there are strikes by public transport.

For whatever reason, if you have to come to Milan for more than a day, surely you have with you at least one carry-on and/or bag for your computer or for documents, not only, very often people have luggage even if they come Milan even just half a day.

Especially if they are not luggage to these light hand are awkward to carry can be a huge inconvenience if there is a strike of public transport and if you have not booked your transport with a car with driver.

It is in December or in any other month of the organizers, even minimally, the journey to Milan not always see if there are strikes public transportation line, and very often warning how are announced strikes is minimal, we could still organize the trip without knowing the strike.

The transport by car with driver is everywhere, always

In fact, when there is a strike (or in other special zones) public transport or do not pass, or may also be waiting a long time, pass this time outdoors in December, with the winter temperature is not in the least desirable.

Beyond the weather issue where there may be a strike by public transport and you can be on foot, there is also a question of place, in fact, whether you want to be accompanied in the center of Milan because he goes shopping, if it must be taken out of an activity, or if you are outdoors with winter temperature is nothing short of annoying stand waiting.

These drawbacks contacting a chauffeur and book a car with driver in advance will be avoided starting, contact me and book your trip to Milan!

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