To know to book the car for the conference or event

1 February 2017 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
to know before book a car with driver for conference or event in Milan

In this article I am referring of small attentions to book the car with driver for a conference or an event which is held in Milan, knowing how early does not hurt.

I have headquarters in Milan, and I offer my services in the same well as the northern Italy, it happens very often to transport people who go to a conference or an event, in Milan there are many, both public and private in companies.

If I am contacted to provide any service, not just a conference or an event usually if I need to know information necessary for me to ask, knowing in advance I will be able to refer in advance everything I need.

Depending on the destination changing the car needed

To offer my rental car services with driver basically I need to know the time and place where I have to come and get you and your final destination, but not only that.

Especially for conferences and events, the car for transportation that I can use it, change substantially, be sedan or minibus, the number of baggage vary according to your destination.

Simple things that I will need to know if you need the car with driver for conventions or events in Milan they are:

  • place and time of departure, which is where you have to come and take;
  • Passenger numbers I’ll have to carry;
  • Total amount of storage .

In fact, if you go/come to a conference or event in Milan could transport you from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the venue of the congress/event, the number of luggage may change, and if you have company, and if you have various luggage upside may not be there on the sedan, and would need the minibus.

Finally I say that, even if what is written in this article may seem trivial, to make greater information about the services I offer I thought it fair to say, and, though not this read article there is no problem , will be things I will ask anyway.

You have to come to a conference or event in Milan and you need a car with driver for the move? Contact me!

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