Do I have to book a car or a minivan with driver?

1 August 2023 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
book a car or a minivan with driver?

In this article you can find out if it is ideal for you to book a car or a minivan with driver, the answer is not obvious, based only on the number of passengers.

Any person or company of people who wants to book my transport service with driver could think of the obvious that, if a car with driver can accommodate 3 people and a minivan 7 people, the means of transport to book is logical.

Logical but not obvious, the number of seats does not determine the choice between a sedan or a minivan.

I clarify this in this article since many people don’t know about it.

The number of bags makes the difference

In addition to the number of people that the means of transport can carry it is the number of bags that makes the difference between the choice between a sedan and a minivan for hire with driver.

As I clearly stated on the frequently asked questions for an NCC page:

Total of all our car can carry two luggages large and 2 trolley hand, the maximum number of passengers is 3, the minibus can carry one baggage big upside.

In fact, in a car or in any other means of transport, just as the number of seats is limited, so is the size of the boot.

It goes without saying that, for example, if 3 passengers each had 3 large suitcases, these would not fit in the trunk of the car.

Don’t worry, if you don’t let me know you don’t have to make complex calculations regarding the number of bags and passengers when you book my transport service with driver. From the first contact, based on the case dictated by experience, I could ask you for the number of bags.

I’ll let you know if you need to use a minivan instead of a sedan if space is limited.

If you need a car or minivan with driver, just make a reservation from the reservation of car or minivan with driver page, with a call or a WhatsApp message to the number +393383407209 or with an email to the address

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