An Car With Driver is Ideal for a Holiday Made of Experiences

1 June 2019 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know

Through this article, find out why an chauffeur is ideal for a holiday made of experiences, it is not just “a means of transport“, it can be a useful service to order to make a better holiday.

Among the many possible uses of a car rental with driver (italiian NCC) there may be that of the travel and tourism, I often do services of this kind, can become experiences.

Freedom of movement allows for more experiences

Even if organized trips and/or specific destinations allow you to make holidays made of various kinds of experiences, freedom of movement that ensures a car with driver allows you to make more experiences.

Even of the same theme, but varying.

A simple example would be that of the food and wine tourism, maybe in wineries in Italy.

There are many wineries or farms that allow guided tours. Interesting both to learn how the Italian excellences are produced and also to be able to taste the products on site, really at KM 0.

Since cellars or farms are usually located in places where no public transport passes, use an chauffeur to get there is practically essential.

It would not be a real holiday of experiences anyway, it would be a special day.

To be able to take a vacation made of experiences, correlated with each other or even different, you can rely on an chauffeur to organize a tour made of several days, with different stages.

Suggestions for making your experience

Here are three simple suggestions for a holiday made of experiences, traveling with an chauffeur:

  1. Spend more time planning your holiday and booking places, for the times there are no problems, just let me know well in advance where you want to go;
  2. Since you can not select a multi-stage route through the regular booking of this website, use the contact page to let me know if you want to take a vacation made of experiences and various destinations;
  3. Keep in mind that if you contact me to make a holiday made of experiences you do not have to worry too much about the price, you can share it with the people that come with you, which can be maximum 3 if you want a sedan or 7 for the minivan.

Finally I also remember that I am available at collaborations with travel agencies who also want to offer this type of holiday.

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