The sanitization of my vehicles is guaranteed

22 April 2020 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
car sanitizer anti covid-19

In this article I would like to point out that the sanitization of my vehicles is done every end of the service/ride and is guaranteed by the Ministry of Health.

Certainly in addition to social distancing and personal protective equipment, if you are looking for a means of transport in this period you will want it not to be dirty. Or in any case free from possible organic contamination of any kind released by other people.

Sanitized Cars and Minivans

Both to deal with what may be your need and to comply with the latest anti COVID-19 health provisions regarding public transport, if you need a car or minivan to move around I would like to point out that my cars and minivans are sanitized at end of the each race.

In fact, although the cleanliness and order – in all respects – of my vehicles has always been a priority, now, due to the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus, my cars and minivans are sanitized every end of the race. Through a professional tool.

Professional sanitizer with ozone approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition to the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as an antimicrobial agent against viruses, bacteria, spores, etc .:

scientific validity sanitizer Ozone for virus and bacteria
By clicking on the image you can view the PDF, in Italian, in full version.

Even if (at present, the date this article was published) you can move only for proven work needs, absolute urgency, situations of need or health reasons, if you want to do it on sure vehicles you can book my transport service.

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