Why a Car Rental With Driver is Green

1 July 2020 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car rental with driver green

In this article you can find out why a car rental with driver is green, a means of transport that helps save the planet from pollution.

In an era where people talk and use a lot of scooters, bicycles, electric bicycles, and, to a limited extent, electric cars as well, you might think that a car or minivan with driver is not a green vehicle. You are wrong.

Obviously I don’t argue that the atmospheric emissions of a car or a minivan are greater than those of an electric scooter, for example. However, to think that the protection of the environment is based only on this is an incomplete vision.

Below I will explain the reasons in more detail.

We need to think about all the causes of climate change

If it is true that the atmospheric emissions caused by a combustion vehicle, such as a car or a minivan that drives those who offer rental services with a driver, could point the finger only on the cars is not the solution to the problem.

Firstly there are various types of cars that have different emissions.

The vehicles I use as a rental with driver, are now Euro 6. At present the latest European standard regarding polluting emissions. According to the ACI database, the car park in Italy for now most are made up of Euro 4 vehicles.

However, this is only one factor – directly linked to the vehicle – for which a rental with driver is green. Certainly incentivizing people to update the car would be a must.

For example, anyone who has a car to get around, to go to work tens of kilometers away from home, is unthinkable to do it by bicycle or scooter. Furthermore, those who have an economic utility vehicle, even if there are incentives, will never take an electric car that costs three times as much.

For this reason, public transport and non-scheduled public transport such as car rental with driver (chauffeur) are also useful for the ecosystem. The services I offer.

Pollution is not only caused by the exhaust gases

Speaking of pollution in relation to cars, minivans or any vehicle that moves on rubber, they are usually inclined to approach it with exhaust gases.

Certainly for this reason I immediately referred to the standard regarding the exhaust gases of my vehicles.

A vehicle as a whole, however, is indirect pollution. The plastic used for the realization, the iron, any other material and the production processes to make it cause pollution. Not just the exhaust gases.

The disposal of the vehicle and its parts also causes pollution. Even of electric vehicles, just think of the disposal of batteries.

How can I help the environment be better through my chauffeur services?

Actually I can’t directly. It is up to people like you to help the environment by choosing a car with a driver as a means of transport.

If their transport needs allow it also the poor people can. Maybe using the transport services of an chauffeur only on special or special occasions, and using public transport and alternative vehicles on other occasions.

Using a trivial example, if out of 10 people who own a car 2 of these who can do without it, they rented a car with driver on particular occasions and scheduled or alternative means of transport most of the times the total pollution produced from means of transport (exhaust, production, disposal) would decrease by 20%.

What has been said so far essentially concerns vehicles. Since I use them to offer car rental services with driver. Below is a broader overview.

Global warming doesn’t just cause cars

For completeness, given that sometimes there seems to be a demonization by politics, which follows only the current trend but which does not make significant actions, and by people who do not have a broad vision, I want to clarify that warming global isn’t just caused by cars. Or from other cars

Among the causes of global warming, according to WikiPedia, there are:

  • The increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere;
  • Changes on the Earth’s surface such as deforestation;
  • The increase of aerosol in the air;
  • Intensive breeding.

Combustion vehicles are only a part.

In addition to what is written in this article, I also say that, with the trade association I belong to, we have created a project that allows to reduce pollution further. By not traveling empty and at the same time, precisely because the journey is already paid for, it allows people to save money.

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