Car with driver: Ideal for making bleisure trips

1 March 2023 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
Bleisure trips car with driver

In this article find out why by choosing the car with driver you can make trips for bleisure, business and pleasure at the same time, why it is a convenience to do this.

For the uninitiated, since it is a word not used much, first of all I say that the word Bleisure is a combination of words derived from “Business” and “Leisure” which is used to define trips with multiple purposes. Business and leisure trips.

This does not necessarily mean that a car with a driver can take you, for example, to the company of one of your customers or partners and to the sea.

However, going to a business appointment and then, perhaps, going out to dinner, alone, with a client, collaborator or in sweet company is very frequent.

With traditional means of public transport, it would be an inconvenience. Surely it would be wasted time looking for and waiting for coincidences. This is not the case with a car with driver.

No difference between business and leisure travel

The car with driver, or NCC (ufficial italian car with driver), is a means of transport that is part of public transport, but not scheduled.

The fact that the transport services of a car with driver are not scheduled, i.e. they do not follow a specific route, but can be customized from person to person, makes it possible to make Bleisure trips.

Both business and pleasure.

Paradoxically, it would also be possible for you to ask me to go to work and then to the beach. Or shopping or just grocery shopping.

Choosing a car with driver for your travels there is no limit to your travel customization needs, even if it is for work.

As could happen to you when you go to work with your car, or when you return from work, you will be able to make detours for a moment of leisure or to satisfy other needs.

If you have a business appointment in Milan and at the same time you want to change your trip to do something else, contact me, I will be useful for your bleisure travels.

You can book a transport service with car with driver booking online, or, if you prefer, you can call – or send a WhatsApp message – to number +39 338 340 7209 or by email at

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