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1 July 2022 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
car with driver corporate event

In this article you can find out excellent reasons why you should rely on a car with driver for the corporate event you are preparing.

With the end of the restrictions that limited sociality, corporate events and their programming are starting to take place again.

The preparation/planning of a corporate event is never a simple thing. Whatever the type of event, from a simple dinner to a big event, the thing that must not be missing is the satisfaction of those who participate.

To satisfy those attending a corporate event it is also necessary to think about transport. It allows attendees to arrive at the event comfortably, and, once the event is over, arrive at their destination just as comfortably.

A car with driver for a corporate event certainly offers convenience to employees, managers, collaborators or in any case to the guests of a corporate event.

Greater security

Whatever the type of corporate event, it is known that they are informal moments. Even if they are moments related to a company, any person is not at work at a corporate event.

Both managers and employees take some extra liberties in socializing moments.

Greater freedom that can translate into drinking a few more glasses of wine at the restaurant or buffet.

According to data from various European countries 25% of fatal accidents in cars are attributable to alcohol abuse.

As a NCC I do not drink alcohol during the service. A car with driver for the corporate event can be useful for safeguarding your safety, that of your collaborators and your partners.

Personalized service

A car with driver is not the local public transport line. There are no restrictions on routes, timetables or other needs.

Using a car with driver to go to a corporate event or to accompany those who participate to the event and from the event, you will not have to program the timetables according to the transport timetables.

Taking advantage of my chauffeur service for corporate events, you just need to tell me your needs such as date and time of the start of the event or the end, place where it will be held and place where I will have to come and pick you up and/or take you.

Place of departure and return may also be different, this flexibility is not guaranteed by local public transport.

Obviously, if you need a car with driver for the corporate event for the participants of the event, in order to be able to schedule the races, I too will have this flexibility a little less to respect the timetables.

No parking problems

In Milan, finding a parking space is sometimes almost impossible.

In a place where there is a corporate event, if all or most of the participants arrive with their car the problem is more affected.

A car with driver for a corporate event also takes away this problem.

Better than traditional car pooling

Those who live in Milan, or those who know the city, know various problems that I have indicated. He could therefore car pooling to go to a corporate event.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea, though anyway:

  • Safety would not be 100% guaranteed, unless the driver is a teetotaler or the driver does not drink;
  • The parking problem would remain.

Not only that, usually shared cars are 4/5 seats. A hired minivan with driver can accommodate up to 7 people.

The cost would be divided if it were rented by the guests and there would still be fewer cars on the road. If you organize the corporate event by relying on a car/minivan with diver service for the transport of people you will also make a choice that helps the naturral environment.

Are you planning your corporate event in Milan and you need a car with driver, or a minivan with driver, for your transport, to transport employees, collaborators or partners?

All you have to do is book in advance from booking page, or, if you prefer, you can send me an email at or call (or write me on WhatsApp) at +393383407209.

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