A car with driver can be a short cruise

1 January 2021 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
a car with driver is a cruise on road

In this article I will explain why if you use a car with driver for your tourist trips they can be comparable to a short cruise, obviously on land.

In recent years tourism in Italy has changed a lot. People make more hit and run trips (of shorter duration) instead of doing the classic August month of holidays or more, as they did years ago.

In addition, nowadays cruises are used much more. Even when young.

Obviously this also depends on the diversification of the offers made by the companies that carry out cruises. But it also depends on the comfort that this type of tourism offers.

This without changing prices very much. That is, a type of tourism that until some time ago was considered for few, without changing in substance, thanks to its characteristics it has become for many.

A car with driver can be like a cruise

Although the cruise is a type of beach holiday, and entrusting a car with a driver is to use a means of land transport there are many similarities.

A car with a driver is comparable to a cruise not only because, like cruises, if you book a car with a driver during your travels you will have all the comforts, and you will not have to think about anything during the trip.

The destinations of a car with driver for tourism can be customized more than cruises. The destination, or destinations, will not be proposed in a package but will be your destinations desired.

Obviously with the car with driver you will not sail, however, through a car with driver you can still go abroad, many times I offer services across the border, and, the cities on the sea in Italy are also reachable by land. Travel personalization will be as you wish. The intimacy and confidentiality of the same will be greater with a car with driver compared to a cruise.

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