Car With Driver EXPO Milan 2015

8 March 2015 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
car driver EXPO Milan 2015

Cirea is car rental with driver that allows you to reach comfortably and in peace the EXPO 2015 in Milan and is registered on the official suppliers EXPO 2015.

Being registered on the official suppliers for the EXPO 2015 at Milan, car rental Cirea and its drivers are accredited for access the Expo area, in fact, not all of the car with driver will have access, only those who are accredited and are completely and totally in compliance with the Italian laws regulating the public transport sector non-scheduled.

Milan is a city, although there are public transport to get to the EXPO 2015, may not be as simple as it is several kilometers from the city center, the car with driver Cirea offers car transportation for EXPO, and back.

Not only the exhibitors or VIPs can comfortably reach the Expo, but anyone with our service will be accompanied before the Gates of entry without having to hunt for hours to find parking and then wait for the shuttles.

Whether traveling alone or in a group is not a problem, with its own car park the car Cirea will allow you to easily get the EXPO 2015 in Milan without any concern.

Car with driver from airport to EXPO 2015 in Milan

The organization of the EXPO 2015 in Milan is very prepared, was also made a new dedicated rail station, very useful, but may not be for you, if in fact you want to visit only specific areas of EXPO 2015, near the entrance to South and East, the rental car with driver Cirea is ideal.

If you arrive at EXPO 2015 in Milan by plane from Milan Linate, Malpensa or Orio al Serio and you want to go from the airport to the EXPO and vice versa can be even more uncomfortable for you, not if you rely on the car with driver Cirea, you will not have to check carefully the coincidences, you just know the flight schedule and contact us.

Whether foreigners or Italians who do not live in Milan EXPO 2015 will surely be the main event specially if you come, however, in addition enable you to achieve the EXPO 2015 in Milan the NCC Cirea you can afford even to visit the city, works of historical interest, the trendy clubs and can take you shopping allowing you to take home, for you, friends or family, a beautiful memory not only of EXPO 2015.

If you have not them get the tickets for EXPO 2015 at Milan, organize the trip to Milan and contact us, we are ready to receive consular both delegations that the individual wants to endorse Expo by means of the latest generation, with every comfort on board and with multilingual drivers.

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