A car with driver does not increase the prices in the summer period

1 July 2023 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car with a driver does not increase prices in the summer

In this article I tell you that a car with a driver does not increase prices in the summer period and I explain why it is not done.

Means of transport such as trains and planes, for example, during the summer period have their own logic for setting prices in Italy.

A logic that doesn’t make sense to people.

For the market, supply and demand determine the price which increases according to demand. I’m not here to say that it’s not right but I tell you that it doesn’t work like this for a chauffeur. Why there isn’t this difference and what you can do to reserve a trip with chauffeur during the summer period.

Reserving the service for a car with driver is everything

When you ask me for a transport service such as a car with driver, according to the sector regulation in force in Italy, I must indicate the cost of the transport trip, you must accept it and, if we do not have existing working knowledge, by paying the deposit you will be awarded your transport service.

To calculate the cost of the trip, I make my own calculations, which I won’t go into detail here for competition reasons, which have nothing to do with the market logic of the demand offer.

Calculations that include, by way of example, my costs per kilometer, whether the schedule is night or day and the time taken to provide the service.

In fact, you could ask for a transport service even a month earlier than you need. I have an agenda with appointments, whether it’s the summer or winter period.

My offer is the same. It’s up to you to make the reservation (application) before he already has other transport services to do.

That is to say:

  • The price of a car with driver, my cost, does not increase during the summer period because the price of a car with driver is not based on market supply/demand;
  • To book a trip with a car with driver during the summer, since demand is higher, you need to book your transport service well in advance.

In the event that in the summer I don’t have a free slot to carry out your transport, I will still do everything to not leave you stranded. I will offer you to travel with trusted chauffeur collaborators.

Do you need a car with driver for the summer, just for a day/evening or to go on vacation for a few days?

Book your trip in advance now from the car with driver booking page, by phone and/or WhatsApp at the number +393383407209 or by mail at info@albertlimo.com.

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