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1 February 2022 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car with driver from milan to sanremo

From this article you can find out how I can help you as a car with driver for Sanremo, whether you have to go to the festival, the casino or just for a trip.

Sanremo is a city known mainly for the Italian song festival and for the casino, events where a car with driver may certainly be needed.

Not only that, Sanremo is a seaside town with architectural and landscape peculiarities that can be considered as a destination for an out-of-town exit.

Also for these reasons, for those who do not know, saying that I offer the car service with driver to Sanremo can be useful.

The advantages of a car with driver from Milan to Sanremo

Since I have the headquarters, or “car garage” contextualized to an NCC (italian car rental with driver) in Milan, contextualize the advantages of a car with driver to Sanremo from Milan.

Certainly the standard advantages that a car with driver can offer will not be lacking.

Among these, very useful also for those who participate as an audience or performer at the Sanremo festival are confidentiality, elegant cars and punctuality. Essential to make a peaceful journey to the hotel or to the Ariston theater and to be sure of arriving on time for all the various ceremonies.

Not only that, if the journey to Sanremo starts from Milan, or if the plane arrives at one of the Milanese airports:

  • As for the route from Milan to Montecarlo also from Milan to Sanremo the time taken by car is less than that taken by train;
  • In Sanremo there is no airport, the closest are the private airport of Albenga (Riviera Airport), which in any case requires a private plane, or the Nice airport.

So, to go with class, discretion and punctuality to the Sanremo festival, to make the journey to/from the hotel, to go to the casino, or just to take a trip out of town a car with driver for Sanremo has the its real advantages.

Since I remember that it could be useful to you, I also remind you that I offer rental service with driver not only with the sedan. You can contact me also for a minivan. It has 7 seats and can be useful if you are traveling in a group or if you have a fair amount of luggage.

If you need a car or minivan with driver for Sanremo, all you have to do is book online through this website. If you prefer you can also send me an email at or call me or send me a WhatsApp at +393383407209.

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