Arrive with a Car With Driver at SMAU in Milan

1 September 2023 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
Car with driver SMAU Milan

In this article you can find out what are the advantages of arriving at SMAU in Milan with a car with driver, whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor with a car with driver you can have reliable transportation.

Like every year, the SMAU takes place again this year in Fiera Milano City. An event that has become international in which 50,000 mostly innovative companies participate, where it is possible to participate in speeches, establish commercial relationships, view products and services and also take advantage of what is presented and proposed.

I often offer transport services to SMAU. Since I haven’t written an article about it yet, a month before SMAU 2023 I’ll let you know because as a car with driver I can be useful for you to go to SMAU.

A convenience for both exhibitors and visitors

Fiera Milano City is not a lost place in Milan, there are also hotels nearby. Every person, whether he resides in the hotel because he is an exhibitor or has to make interventions at the SMAU, or who visits it even just for a day, can have the great convenience of using my transport service as a car with driver to get there.

Surely a car with driver cannot be useful for an exhibitor to bring the stand and all the available material. However, an exhibitor, in addition to the 24-hour display containing computers, documents and more, can have gadgets from his company or that he has collected with him. Transporting them to the hotel can be annoying.

Especially if the hotel is not near Fiera Milano City.

In addition to this, those exhibiting at SMAU if they rely on my car with driver service to get there from/to the hotel will have the security of punctuality. Necessary also for evening events with probable new partners, if you have them planned.

A normal visitor to SMAU, arriving with a car with driver or returning, especially if he does not come with his own vehicle and if he is not from Milan, has the greatest advantage of avoiding stress. Stress due to coincidences and possible delays of public transport.

In addition to this, a normal visitor to the SMAU in Milan, by choosing one of my transport services via car with driver, will be able to customize the trip. For example, not only going from SMAU to central station or at the airport.

You can customize the route to visit Milan, go for lunch or dinner or go shopping.

Do you have to go to the SMAU in Milan and do you need a car with driver?

Book online your car with driver for SMAU. If you prefer you can call me, or send me a WhatsApp message, at +39 338 340 7209 or you can send me an email at

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