Return Home from the Foreign Shipyard with a Car with Driver

1 June 2021 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car yard home

In this article I would like to introduce you how a car with driver can be very useful to get home if you work on a construction site abroad and arrive in Italy by plane.

There are many people who work in foreign construction sites and who sometimes go home with the company’s vehicles, very often by plane to Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Orio al Serio or Catullo.

Most of the time by plane.

After returning for rest days, or to leave, to make the journey between their home and the airport, and vice versa, they have to get there. If they do not live in cities that are easily accessible and served by means of transport, many times they have to work out.

With a car with driver you don’t have to do much effort. A simple reservation is all it takes to get a car to take you from home to the airport if you need to leave for work.

Or from the airport to home if you have to leave.

Convenience, expense that can be shared

For already he relies on a N.C.C. (Italian rental with driver) this is nothing new. For those who, how could a worker working in a foreign construction site be.

He could discard the hypothesis of an elegant and classy car, thinking that it is only for wealthy people. If used every day it could be, vice versa it can become a convenience, and the shopping can be shared with colleagues who live along the way.

The cost can be shared up to 7 people with a minivan.

The cost may be less than a taxi. Surely it will not be an unknown given that the profession of NCC in Italy obliges to report the cost to the customer before the ride. There will be no nasty surprises.

Surelythe cost will be less than, for example:

  • Rent a car at the airport for as long as you have to stay at home;
  • Park your car at the airport as long as you are abroad.

In addition to the cost, there are some comforts that are not insignificant:

  • You must not disturb people to be accompanied;
  • Get picked up directly at the airport and taken home, or vice versa;
  • Not having to book various public transport;
  • You avoid waiting for a connection between train and various buses, if you use public transport.

If you want to book a car with driver to take you from the airport to your home, or vice versa, book now. If you have a company and want to offer this service to your employees contact me, I can get you an advantage price, which will still be billed and downloadable for your business.

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