Useful things to know, not discounted, for those who want to hire a car with driver offered by Alberto Cirea, not only in Milan.

Chuauffeur for the Cinque Terre

30 September 2023 By Alberto Cirea

Read this article and find out why I can be your chauffeur for Cinque Terre and what advantages you will have in going to Cinque Terre with a car with driver. The Cinque Terre, above all for their architectural peculiarity, have become a popular tourist destination not only during the summer. Not only that, during

Arrive with a Car With Driver at SMAU in Milan

1 September 2023 By Alberto Cirea

In this article you can find out what are the advantages of arriving at SMAU in Milan with a car with driver, whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor with a car with driver you can have reliable transportation. Like every year, the SMAU takes place again this year in Fiera Milano City. An

Do I have to book a car or a minivan with driver?

1 August 2023 By Alberto Cirea

In this article you can find out if it is ideal for you to book a car or a minivan with driver, the answer is not obvious, based only on the number of passengers. Any person or company of people who wants to book my transport service with driver could think of the obvious that,

A car with driver does not increase the prices in the summer period

1 July 2023 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I tell you that a car with a driver does not increase prices in the summer period and I explain why it is not done. Means of transport such as trains and planes, for example, during the summer period have their own logic for setting prices in Italy. A logic that doesn’t

Arriving or leaving from Orio al Serio with an Chauffeur

1 June 2023 By Alberto Cirea

In this article, I’ll tell you why arriving or leaving by plane from Orio al Serio airport is convenient with an chauffeur, even if they are an chauffeur in Milan. Since I have just mentioned it and that not all people know how an chauffeur, a rental car with driver service, works, first of all

A Car With Driver for Mother’s Day

1 May 2023 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I tell you how a car with driver can be useful for Mother’s Day, to make the most important prima donna feel valued. Even if someone may not like them on principle, given that they exist, it is not a bad thing to celebrate anniversaries, at least in part. Or celebrate the

Book a Car With Driver As A Gift at Easter

1 April 2023 By Alberto Cirea

To give a different gift than usual at Easter you can book a trip with a car with driver, it can amaze, make you feel appreciated and be a side dish for another gift. Even if Easter is not a period in which gifts are given, but mostly greetings or Easter eggs are given, by

Car with driver: Ideal for making bleisure trips

1 March 2023 By Alberto Cirea

In this article find out why by choosing the car with driver you can make trips for bleisure, business and pleasure at the same time, why it is a convenience to do this. For the uninitiated, since it is a word not used much, first of all I say that the word Bleisure is a

The Travel Expense Note Whit an Car With Driver

1 February 2023 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I would like to introduce you how simple the management of travel expenses can be for your employees if you rely on a car with driver, and this is not the only advantage. Most, if not all, companies pay the costs of transportation, lodging and food when their employees travel for work.

In The White Week With an Car With Driver

2 January 2023 By Alberto Cirea

An car with driver can also be useful for making the white week, only for the movement to the ski resort or also for the movements on site. There are many people who go to the white week, or a weekend on the snow. With your means of transport or with friends and acquaintances. There