Useful things to know, not discounted, for those who want to hire a car with driver offered by Alberto Cirea, not only in Milan.

Travel expenses with my services are deductible

1 October 2019 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I tell you that travel expenses for my car services with driver have the deductibility for travel expenses for representation, travel and the like, and other things you need to know. The necessary premise that I do before saying anything else is that I am not a tax consultant, accountant or similar

Indulge in a few trips with a car with driver in September

1 September 2019 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I tell you why in September is not a bad idea if you give yourself some trips out of town with a car with driver, to go out to eat or otherwise to enjoy yourself as you wish. Although the world is constantly changing, even in Italy people do not go on

The Size of the Baggage is Important

1 August 2019 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I am referring to you because reporting the size of your luggage if you want to use a car rental service with driver is important, fundamental. Not long ago in the form of booking car with driver of this website you may have seen that I added a written where I suggest

My Vehicles Can Carry Disabled

1 July 2019 By Alberto Cirea

Through this article, I would like to inform you that my vehicles can easily transport people with disabilities of various kinds, not everyone could know. When one thinks of transporting disabled people, one might think of specially constructed means of transport. Rightly so, however, people with disabilities can travel easily and independently even with other

An Car With Driver is Ideal for a Holiday Made of Experiences

1 June 2019 By Alberto Cirea

Through this article, find out why an chauffeur is ideal for a holiday made of experiences, it is not just “a means of transport“, it can be a useful service to order to make a better holiday. Among the many possible uses of a car rental with driver (italiian NCC) there may be that of

When do I have an effective advantage to contact an NCC?

1 May 2019 By Alberto Cirea

In this simple article I tell you when you have an effective advantage to contact an NCC to move from one part of Milan to another, for a business or pleasure trip. Anyone who regularly travels with an NCC, or has already used a car with driver service, already knows the advantages of this means

Car With Driver For Wedding In Milan, Not Only The Prices

1 March 2019 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I will point out because if you need a car with driver for wedding in Milan you do not have to take into account only prices, the price can be a factor for the choice that should be done only at the end. The arrival of the move to the wedding is

With the Cold an NCC is better

1 February 2019 By Alberto Cirea

By this article I refer to it because in the cold, contact a NCC for your own transport, if you do not have means of transport, is better than other solutions. For a person who has to move when it is cold, and does not have a means to do it autonomously, one of the

Booking a Car With Driver to Go Abroad

1 January 2019 By Alberto Cirea

Through this article you can know how to book a car or minivan with driver to go abroad from Italy, in countries such as Switzerland, France, Austria, Liechtenstein or neighboring countries in Italy. Through this website you can book online my car service with driver that I do with a sedan car or with a

Differences Between Minibus and Bus with Driver

1 December 2018 By Alberto Cirea

A minibus and a bus are two different means, also a minibus with driver and a bus with driver have differences, which can influence your trip, I’ll show you in this article. If you need to rent a vehicle with driver for more people to move in Milan, in the hinterland, in northern Italy and