The new services offered only on special occasions or for ever by Cirea, tee car with driver at Milan.

Car With Driver from Milan to Montecarlo

1 November 2020 By Alberto Cirea

If you need a car with driver from Milan to Montecarlo in this article then find out that it is a service that I offer, because it is usually used by people and the advantages. Although the car rental with driver from Milan to Montecarlo is a transport service that I perform regularly I had

The sanitization of my vehicles is guaranteed

22 April 2020 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I would like to point out that the sanitization of my vehicles is done every end of the service/ride and is guaranteed by the Ministry of Health. Certainly in addition to social distancing and personal protective equipment, if you are looking for a means of transport in this period you will want

If You Don’t Want to Go Out, I’ll Bring You the Shopping Too!

20 March 2020 By Alberto Cirea

Through this article, I would like to point out that, due to the Coronavirus emergency if you do not want or if you cannot leave the house, I can also bring you shopping or essential items. I am not a delivery boy and this is a momentary situation which will hopefully end soon for the

Car rental with driver for your travel agency

1 April 2019 By Alberto Cirea

In this article I will explain how and why my car rental services with driver can be useful if you have a travel agency. Although it is not a tourist guide or similar, therefore theoretically car hire with driver has nothing to do with travel agencies, in practice, given that allow people to travel also

Booking your car with driver, online, will be easier and more convenient

1 July 2017 By Alberto Cirea

In this article, which introduces the new website of car rental wit driver in Milan Alberto Cirea, you can find the functionality of the website and how and why booking a car with an online driver for you will be easier and more comfortable. Even though the car with driver service I offer remains at

Chauffeur for wedding tourism in Italy

1 June 2016 By Alberto Cirea

The month of May has just ended, the month that usually begin to celebrate weddings, June is still a great month to get married, if you’re about to do it and I had not even car that takes you to the ceremony in this article you will learn more of my service car with driver

Car with driver for businesses in Milan

1 January 2016 By Alberto Cirea

If you need a car with driver for businesses in Milan may use Alberto Cirea, has a strong and proven track record in this particular service of car rental with driver in Milan. The chauffeur for businesses is not a new service I offer, in fact, I run very often transports of various kinds for

Promotions Car With Driver Autumn/Winter 2015

1 November 2015 By Alberto Cirea

With the change of season, as has been done for promotions spring/summer rightly in autumn/winter we have a promotions of rental car with driver. Before going into the details of the promotions of car with driver and advice proposed for autumn and winter 2015 for the most scrupulous it is fair to say because they

Promotions Spring Summer 2015

3 June 2015 By Alberto Cirea

Who said that a car and driver can not do promotions in Spring and Summer?, logically changing needs of those requesting transport service also who the car driving and provides the transport adapts , expanding its offerings and doing promotions than at other times of the year are not present. Car with driver services dedicated

Car With Driver EXPO Milan 2015

8 March 2015 By Alberto Cirea

Cirea is car rental with driver that allows you to reach comfortably and in peace the EXPO 2015 in Milan and is registered on the official suppliers EXPO 2015. Being registered on the official suppliers for the EXPO 2015 at Milan, car rental Cirea and its drivers are accredited for access the Expo area, in