If You Don’t Want to Go Out, I’ll Bring You the Shopping Too!

20 March 2020 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
chauffeur Milan bring shopping for Coronavirus update

Through this article, I would like to point out that, due to the Coronavirus emergency if you do not want or if you cannot leave the house, I can also bring you shopping or essential items.

I am not a delivery boy and this is a momentary situation which will hopefully end soon for the good of all. Precisely because of the situation, different and emergency, closely related to transport, which have an impact on contact between people, momentarily (until 25/03/2020, unless extended) I offer a new service that will can be very useful.

I can bring you shopping or other basic necessities home.

Why do I bring you the shopping

Although it is an NCC (italian car with driver regoulated businesses), a sector that has specific regulations for the non-scheduled public transport of people, given the emergency situation, emergency plans have also been implemented for the transport sector by the Lombardy Region.

Region in which my business is located, where I have the garage and where (from Milan) my transport services originate.

In practice, through the ordinance 509 of 2020 (PDF in iitalian) the Lombardy Region, to which my activity refers, has established that gives me the opportunity to bring not only people but also spending and basic necessities to people. In addition to the utility that I can guarantee with Coronavirus this can also be a useful and comfortable service.

In addition to you, who can avoid being exposed to infection, it is also a useful service for the community.

How the service works

In detail, in addition to accompanying you to do the shopping, but this is not the news, to be able to bring you shopping or other essential items at home you only need:

  1. Reserve/pay for goods at the store (internet, phone, ecc.);
  2. Report to the operator that I will pick them up and at the same time contact me to tell me what and where to pick up.

Do you need those who bring your groceries or other basic necessities?

Contact me!

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