Chuauffeur for the Cinque Terre

30 September 2023 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
Chauffeur from Milan to cinque terre

Read this article and find out why I can be your chauffeur for Cinque Terre and what advantages you will have in going to Cinque Terre with a car with driver.

The Cinque Terre, above all for their architectural peculiarity, have become a popular tourist destination not only during the summer. Not only that, during the summer everything can be crowded or in any case the place can lose its genuine charm.

Precisely for these reasons that I publish this article in October. Month in which the autumn colors can make the colors of the villages in the Cinque Terre more suggestive.

The journey to the Cinque Terre

Whether you live in Milan and want to go to the Cinque Terre without driving, or if your flight lands in Milan, getting to the Cinque Terre can be very annoying.

In fact, like for forte dei marmi, also public transport from/ to other countries in the Cinque Terre are inconvenient and the closest airport is about 100 kilometers away. Cause the morphology of the territory.

Just looking at the time consumed, going from Milan to the Cinque Terre takes about:

  • Three hours by car;
  • 3 to 4 hours by train;
  • Five hours by bus.

Surely, even if you only visit the Cinque Terre for a weekend, or one day if you are on holiday in Italy and land in Milan, going to the Cinque Terre by car is the best choice. The journey takes less time and you will have more time to visit the area.

Furthermore, traveling by car with my chauffeur with private car service from Milan to the Cinque Terre, the journey to the Cinque Terre will be comfortable and less stressful.

You will not have to drive during the journey and you will avoid stress, during the journey you will have all the comforts such as, for example, an ideal climate in any weather condition and the Wi-Fi connection with which you can pass the time, read urgent emails or define details of your work projects.

If you need an chauffeur with private car from Milan to the Cinque Terre you can book online or via a call (or WhatsApp) on the number +39 338 340 7209 or again by email to

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