Chauffeur, in Milan, in September

2 September 2015 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car with driver milan september

September is not only a month when someone goes on vacation to not have to see the mass of people in August in the places of interest or going to make the trip out without the worry of the oppressive heat, in Milan there are various events and situations where renting a car with driver is more necessary than useful or convenient.

Best events of September in Milan

As in any year Milan never stops, but September is a month with fascinating events and very important, not only for Milan:

  • This year (2015) the “Scala” will be open continuously from May to October, thanks to EXPO, September is also a good month to see operas and ballets at the Scala of Milan, especially if you do a sightseeing/cultural tour Milan;
  • The fashion week (or Milan Fashion Woman, Milano Moda Donna) at both Italian and international level is definitely an event not to be missed for all players large and small from the apparel industry to see or show trends spring/summer clothing.

If you’re planning to attend one or both of these events, the main ones that we are in Milan in September 2015, and, if you do not know how to get there, you want to accompany guests, if you plan to arrive in style but less conspicuously the car with driver is for you.

The return of the people in the city

Although habits have changed and in fact there is no more time when they all go on vacation during the same period (August), Milan in August is less chaotic but in September not only are there fewer people who go on vacation, the students that they begin school and there make more chaos.

The chaos is the enemy of peace and planning, therefore productivity, then, if you want to avoid chaos this on public transport in Milan, in September, it is that you want to move to the city in peace, but that is easily concentration you need to work the car with driver is an option that you will definitely at least consider, or contact me directly via this website, by email or by phone.

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