Arriving or leaving from Orio al Serio with an Chauffeur

1 June 2023 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
chauffeur Orio al Serio

In this article, I’ll tell you why arriving or leaving by plane from Orio al Serio airport is convenient with an chauffeur, even if they are an chauffeur in Milan.

Since I have just mentioned it and that not all people know how an chauffeur, a rental car with driver service, works, first of all I say that, even if I have the garage in Milan, I can take people to catch the plane at the airport Milanese Bergamo Orio al Serio or pick them up as soon as they land.

It is not for nothing that I pointed out in the pages of the services I offer that I can be useful to you as car with driver in Bergamo and as transfer to Milanese airports to.

Including Orio al Serio, an airport located in Bergamo but part of the group of Milanese airports.

Convenience and utility of an chauffeur in Milan for Orio al Serio

First of all, if you are from Milan, if you have to leave from Milan or if you have to get there, even if Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate are the closest airports, you most likely know that not all routes/airline companies are present. Not even the times that may be most convenient for your trip may be present.

You may need to leave or get there from Orio al Serio.

If you don’t have a car, you will avoid having to take public transport, book it in advance and check connections.

If you have a car you can still avoid the stress of driving, parking reservations, and, if you have to stay out for a few days, my cost could be even lower than the cost of parking and the motorway.

By contacting me, as chauffeur I can take you or pick you up in Orio al Serio.

Instead, if you’re traveling for tourism and land at Orio al Serio and if you want to get to Milan, an chauffeur is convenient and useful regardless, it’s one of the means of transport you have at your disposal. The means of transport that takes you directly to your destination, which doesn’t make you worry about reservations and connections and which doesn’t play tricks on you about the price. It will be agreed in advance.

In any situation it could still be useful for you to leave or land at Orio al Serio, you could save a few hundred euros compared to other airlines.

Does your plane depart from Orio al Serio or land there and do you need an chauffeur?

Book your transfer online, if you prefer you can call me – or send me a WhatsApp message – at +39 338 340 7209 or you can send me an email at

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