Not only chauffeur, also tips for where to eat in Milan

1 September 2016 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
tips how to eat milan

Those who rely on me to be transported to Milan and hinterland can enjoy not only a class transportation with all amenities, can also have tips for where to eat in Milan, in this article deepen the topic .

It is not always possible to plan a leisure trip or a business in every detail, those who rely on me for sure transport will have to plan less and the travel will be more relaxed, however, if you dont have a plan where eat and ask me a transport to Milan or hinterland can give great suggestions for where to go to eat.

My tips to eat in Milan

Although are not a tour guide and Milan is a big city, so it makes it impossible to know by heart all the places to eat in Milan, if you have not planned your trip to perfection, or even if you want to surprise customers and investors, not only by offering a classy car to get around but also meet them at the table, if you want tips to eat in Milan can ask me, do not let you down.

Benefits you can have in asking tips to eat in Milan are:

  • By living in Milan I have direct experience of locals;
  • Also since I’m in Milan know the typical Milanese dishes and their traditional ingredients , not revisited;
  • I am aware of the habits of those who transport or at least the favorite local.

Those listed above may seem like only three advantages you have if I give you suggestions for places to eat in Milan, however, if we think are not at all irrelevant.

Just to give an example, there is a difference between reading an online review of a local where is served a dish made by a person who does not know what the real ingredients, including a suggestion said by those who know how to traditionally prepares the dish.

I conclude the article by saying and remembering that, of course, are not a tour guide, and I do not offer advice of suggestions for places to eat in Milan without distinction, is a act of courtesy that I only do it to those who use the my chauffeur services.

If I had not already done so, and please contact me if you need a transport, they are also at your disposal to give you suggestions for places to eat in Milan!

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