Car rental with driver for your travel agency

1 April 2019 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
NCC per agenzie viaggi

In this article I will explain how and why my car rental services with driver can be useful if you have a travel agency.

Although it is not a tourist guide or similar, therefore theoretically car hire with driver has nothing to do with travel agencies, in practice, given that allow people to travel also for leisure, in practice the final result of the service offered is approaching.

As travel agencies have always used, and still use, tour buses to organize their clients’ holiday trips, they could consider using my car rental services with driver. With car or minivan. To allow the movements of those who rely on them.

It could only be an advantage if you have a travel agency, discover the reasons by continuing to read the article.

Travel customization and personalized experiences

Since the internet connection is available to most people at a reasonable price and speed, it is often used to search for travel destinations. Short breaks or holidays.

With the increase in internet usage, the range of services has also increased. The so-called OTAs (“Online Travel Agency“) are widely used. Inevitably they have stolen a market share from traditional travel agencies.

hat does this have to do with my car hire with driver services that I can offer to travel agencies?

Directly nothing, indirectly can be very useful to travel agencies. For a few years now, tourism has become experiential and holidays or trips are made even more tailored . Of how much travel agencies have always done.

Since each person is different, he has his own tastes and needs, if you have a travel agency, to offer trips made of personalized experiences based on your needs, you could also offer transport via NCC. This could make you regain a slice of the market that OTAs have.

If you have a travel agency in Milan or in the hinterland contact me for commercial agreements in case you need a car rental with driver for your travel agency.

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