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1 June 2016 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
car with driver wedding tourism italy

The month of May has just ended, the month that usually begin to celebrate weddings, June is still a great month to get married, if you’re about to do it and I had not even car that takes you to the ceremony in this article you will learn more of my service car with driver for weddings tourism.

The best day of your life in the most beautiful place

Although marriage is still a religious function, as if to pray even to get married there is the need to go to church and not even need to go to a place of worship, you can spend what by many as the most beautiful day of life in the most beautiful place you know.

Hypothetically, after deciding that you want to celebrate your wedding in a resort or at least in a place that is not normal church must program it in detail and customize it, and, besides the fact that the wedding day is for elegant tradition and is challenging to manage it is an excellent idea to entrust transportation to a car with driver for the class and which is able to handle the move, I do it.

The chauffeur for weddings in Italy

Although hiring a car with driver for weddings is not a new service I offer, the need for those who want a car with driver for weddings in exclusive locations in Italy are slightly different it is fair to say what can I do in this case.

First it must be said, if you live in Italy and you want to celebrate your wedding or to make a marriage proposal at a place “special” of northern Italy, or if you live abroad and want to come to Italy to celebrate the marriage I can be ideal person to entrust with transportation for you, the couple, the family of the couple and also for those invited.

The service I can offer will not be limited only to transport, but:

  • Can I carry their spouses from home, airports, railway stations or other, waiting for the end of the ceremony, where he will carry them lunch or dinner and riaccompagnarli;
  • Thanks to the minibus and bus with driver my drivers can accompany both of the spouses family that the wedding guests;
  • Each transportation service for weddings will be a bespoke service, with class vehicles tailored to the needs.

If you’re planning a wedding in Italy do not hesitate to contact me if you need a car with driver, although it also a wedding tourism I can satisfy all your needs.

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