Why Contact a NCC (italian Car With Driver) Directly and Not with Applications

1 September 2022 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
contact italian car with driver directly

In this article I tell you why contact a NCC directly and not with the applications that allow you to request a transfer service, or a ride.

Smartphone applications are very comfortable for people. This is undeniable.

If you regularly use the services offered by any NCC, for your convenience, since direct contact in advance is required to book the transfer service with an NCC, you could install applications to book your trips.

Apart from the fact that you do not need applications to book a NCC, so for you the comfort is not affected, if you contact a NCC through applications and not directly you can damage the category of car rental with driver.

Not only. Below are the main reasons why you should contact a NCC directly.

Legality and Italian economy

Assuming that not all web applications or services are the same. There are some that are transparent and perfectly in order, if you contact an NCC with an application you could contact NCC that are not legal and/or create damage to the Italian economy.

There are various reasons why various applications for NCC, even noble ones, can be detrimental to the law, the Italian economy and more generally to renters with driver.

In summary and not exclusively:

  • Limited to a few applications to book the transport service with an NCC, the total failure by the State to track the profits generated, also due to the impossibility of doing so;
  • The lack of controls on renters with driver, which can be simple private individuals who do not invoice the work;
  • The foreign registered office of the applications that can generate very little income for the state;
  • The fact that NCCs in order to offer services through applications (to be visible, ed.) offer prices that are out of the market, would be unfair competition, and, the legality of taxing out-of-market prices is questionable.

These problems deriving from contacting a NCC through an application do not only concern the legality, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Italy and the renters with driver. They may directly concern you too.

In fact, if you contact an NCC for your business trips, for the movements of your employees, your collaborators and your partners if they will not be billed. You will not be able to educt.

Not only that, if unfortunately an accident or other unforeseen events happens, you may not have adequate reimbursements given the lack of a specific insurance and / or taking advantage of a service in accordance with the law.

If you need a NCC in Milan, you can request a ride via online booking page, by phone – and WhatsApp – at number +393383407209 or by email at info@albertlimo.com.

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