Difference Between a Booking by Destination and Hourly

1 October 2020 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
difference between a booking by destination or hourly of a private driver

Find out what is the difference between a booking by destination and an hourly booking of a private car with driver and which one can be better according to your needs.

Even if good or bad it is the same thing for all the italian private driver (NCC), first of all I specify that the difference between a reservation for a booking by destination and an hourly destination is for the services I offer. Other Chauffeurs may offer their services in similar, but not the same, ways.

Also, unlike this website, their websites may not allow you to book/ask for an online quote.

Well, if you visit even just the homepage of this website, or the page for book a Chauffeur you may want know if it is better for you to book a Chauffeur to go to a destination or make an hourly reservation for a round trip, and what are the differences.

I’ll tell you below.

Hourly or destination Chauffeur booking, it depends only on you

The difference between booking a Chauffeur hourly or based on the destination/time depends only on your needs. These are services that I offer, and that Chauffeurs offer to allow their customers to move how and where they want.

To make you understand better I help myself through two clear realistic and real examples:

  1. If you need a Chauffeur to or from the airport, to or from the hotel, what you need is a reservation by destination, when you arrive at your destination you will continue to do your thing;
  2. f you want a private driver to accompany you to a dinner or gallant event and bring you back to the starting point, what is right for you is a round trip or an hourly destination, in fact the time will pass before you finish and in where I will wait for you to take you back to the place of departure.

Obviously there are many situations, ll the services I offer are based on the needs of those who ask for my transport services. Also for this reason I can also be compared to a private driver for families.

When you contact me to ask me for a Chauffeur service let me know your transport needs, whether it is based on the destination, on an hourly basis, or even daily there are no problems. I will do it according to your needs.

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