Online Booking and Price Quotation Are Different

1 July 2018 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
difference booking price quotation car with driver

In this article I will let you know why online booking of a car with driver and an price estimate of rental services with driver are different, and because for you it is better or make a reservation of a car with driver or make a quote, based on your needs.

In theory there should not be the need to tell the difference between a car reservation with driver and a quote. However, since several times those who need my car and minivan rental services with driver confuse the booking with a quote I write an article regarding this.

Online booking of car rental with driver

Do you need a car with a driver to take you to the airport, to an appointment, a trip out of town or elsewhere? The online booking of a car with driver is for you.

Through the website you can define all the details necessary for your trip, including date and time of departure, destination, number of passengers and other details.

In addition to the details necessary to organize your trip with an chauffeur, on the booking page you can also refer to further details if you need special needs.

Estimate price for car rental with driver

Do you want to know if I can offer special prices to accompany customers of your business, or if they are available to offer rental services with drivers that are not related to the services offered on this website? Ask me a quote through the contact page.

Doing it for you will be easier on that page. You will not have to define unnecessary trip details for your purpose, in this case. You’ll be quicker.

In addition to error, surely, some people will use the booking page of this website only to know the prices, I tell them that, my motto is:

VIP service at chip price

That is, for me it is essential not only the relationship between quality and price but also the elegance and privacy that I offer in my services, without flaunting luxury.

In addition to this I also remember that car rental with driver prices, for the NCC category (italian car rental with driver) must be agreed with the driver for law in Italy. Very often if not done it is because there are hidden prices, is irregular work for the italian law or the service is poor.

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