How much Does cost a Taxi in Milan? Compared to a Car With Driver?

1 January 2020 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
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If you want to know how much a taxi costs in Milan in this article I tell you what cost variables are compared to a italian NCC, the car services with driver I offer.

Obviously I’m not a taxi, and I can’t tell you the cost of a taxi in Milan. This is the necessary premise that I make in this article. At the same time, however, if I wanted to know how much a taxi costs in Milan below, I write unassuming information that can be very useful to you.

The cost of the taxi does not depend only on the taximeter

In theory, if you wanted to take advantage of a taxi service preferring it to an NCC (car with driver) you could do it because you think it’s cheaper, but still want to know something about the price.

If I have already mentioned the differences between taxis and rental with driver I will now limit myself only to see the main difference in price.

Well, you need to know the safety of cheapness and the price of a taxi in Milan does not exist. The cost of a taxi, in Milan or not, in fact does not only depend on the length of the trip. Then from the taximeter.

The cost of a taxi can also vary based:

  • The time (day or night) and the day of the week (weekdays or holidays);
  • If the departure is from one of the Milanese airports (Linate, Malpensa, Orio al Serio);
  • If there are motorway tolls the cost could increase;
  • Based on the waiting time if stops are made;
  • The cost of the taximeter increases by a certain amount;
  • Increasing the speed of 50 km/h also increases the cost per kilometer.

From how you can well guess it is practically impossible to tell you what the cost of a taxi in Milan is. But surely if you contact me because you need a transport service and you tell me the details such as departure, destination and parking time, if there were, I can tell you my cost.

My cost you will have to accept previously and that will not increase. You will have no nasty surprises. The choice is yours.

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