Car With Driver, Taxi, Uber, Car Sharing and Car Pooling

1 March 2017 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know

In this article you will know more about what are they and what do the NCC, the Taxi, Uber and similar services/applications, car sharing and car pooling.

The prerequisite I have to do in this article is that it is not written to take a stand regarding the recent protests carried out in Italy, but for know who are the actors of the same.

In fact, from what has been presented by the media the recent protests of the taxi drivers in Italy I realized that the narrative of the same, for many people, it can create confusion about the parties, then I write an article that can help you better understand.

Uber are not NCC

In many information websites, newspapers and TV, indirectly or explicitly, NCC is compared to the Uber, although both use a classy car and dress stylish are not the same.

Without going into detail, Uber is a multinational company that through application allows you to find a car with a driver. An NCC, like me, you can contact via the website, email or the website itself and not only offers “a passage” of a class car, in the services I offer you can learn more about what I can do more than in Uber.

In addition to this, a NCC is an Italian business, regularly pays taxes in Italy and is public transport not in line, that also has to guarantee by law a professional, not through a private agreement.

The NCC are regular and not abusive companies with lots of communal licenses that emit an invoice or receipt.


Explain what they are I do not think the case since Taxis that most people know, if I wanted to learn what I have already written the differences between NCC and taxi.

What not everybody knows is that the taxis that are exempt from issuing tax document to the passenger.

In addition, as Uber taxis using applications to receive bookings from passengers, radio and reservations that in Italy are not granted to them by law as the taxi is a public service of square with undifferentiated audience that can be stopped the street, taken from the parking areas of the cab or at most phone called the taxi stand area column. Everything else is abuse.

Car Sharing and Car Pooling

Always summarily, but trying to explain to the uninitiated, in practice:

  • The car sharing is a form of shared transportation, public car rental, which are located mainly in the city;
  • The car pooling is simply riding in a car with several people at the same destination instead of using more cars to do it.

If you did not know I hope this article was useful to learn about the difference between an NCC, Uber, taxis, car sharing and car pooling.

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