Car Hire or Car Rental with Driver, What’s Better?

1 January 2018 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
differences car rental and car with driver

By this article I want to tell you the differences between car hire and car hire with driver you need to know if you want to choose the service that is best for you and for your needs.


Definitely a reason you could consider whether renting a car without a driver or contacting an car with chauffeur might be the price, as you might think that a classy car with the driver costs a lot. Maybe you do not mind it all.

First of all, the difference in cost between a normal car hire with a driver car hire depends on the hired car type.

For example, a super car, on average cost more if rented without a driver, than my prices.

Another difference in the cost of a car rental, than a car rental with the driver, is hidden prices.

For example, after contacting me and after telling me about your departure, destination and optionally the time you will stop I will tell you the price of the ride, and will be that.

Other costs you might not pay attention to are:

  • Gasoline for renting a car without a driver;
  • Motorway tolls;
  • Many unfortunate things you could take if you do not know the places you’re driving;
  • Adapting a driving license (only for foreigners);
  • Additional assurance.

The above and others are examples of costs that might be hidden. Or not well-specified.

Tranquility and uncertainty

Among the hidden costs just mentioned that it might be a normal rental car, compared to a car hire with a driver, there are already inconveniences that do not allow you to make a trip in peace and uncertainty.

Summing it up a lot, situations that can create discomfort if you rent a car without a driver can be summed up in:

  • The risk of road accidents;
  • The uncertainty of how much the insurance would reimburse;
  • Lack of punctuality.

After saying some difference between car rental and car hire with a driver that might interest you and maybe you did not know, to end the article I also say that this article was written to be useful not to show only the positive sides of an car with chauffeur.

A car hire (without a driver) can recommend it to those who want 100% autonomy, adventure lovers and/or those who want to visit a particular area by traveling by driving a car in autonomy.

Instead, for work commitments, one-way trips (do not need to deliver cars), traveling in peace and comfort, I suggest to hire a car with a driver.

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