Differences Between Italian Taxi and Car Driver

8 April 2015 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
differences car driver taxi

In this article is present the main differences between italian car with driver service and a Taxi, in theory, the difference is small, in practice the differences are many.

Apart Uber, which is not (yet?) a category of drivers fully regulated in Italy, among the various categories of public transport with a car, there are taxis and car driver service.

This article is without any controversy that could be defined by category, will be spoken to you, that you may be the next person concerned to the car rental service several differences between italian car with driver and a taxi that you may not know or ignore it anyway that you may be of interest.

Difference of price of car driver and taxis

Especially in a time when the economy not goes excellently if you can spare is good, about the car with driver is the strange idea that, perhaps because cars are classy, ​​the transportation cost is greater, not necessarily true.

The major advantage of the price of italian chauffeur compared to that of a taxi for those who want to hire a car with driver is price transparency, will be agreed before you use the service, there will be no unexpected expenses due to queues on the road or taxi meters are not functioning properly, to say the least.

More practice and thinking of the actual cost, the cost of a service of car with driver is smaller for long distances or for services available hourly, always talking in practice and also doing an example, when you’re in airport and your destination is far from a car with driver is cheaper than a taxi, or when you have to run errands or shopping is advantageous.

Payment method

Not least because it is very convenient, always correlated with the price of the car driver, and Alberto Cirea, which concerns the mere economic issue is payment method and reservation car with driver.

Car with driver, in particular Alberto Cirea you pay with credit card, with PayPal and cash if you want to avoid cash is definitely a more comfort and a safety.

The safety of car with driver service

No, the italian chauffeur does not run constantly with the bodyguard, except if you do not want this kind of service, in this case, just make it known, and the chauffeur Alberto Cirea it provides, however, security afforded to people from the car with driver is greater than that of a taxi.

Through a real example you can understand the security ensured by the chauffeur:

For example, if a girl/lady arrives in Milan by plane, train or other means, if have to move to the cities or the hinterland, instead of waiting alone public transport or otherwise make code kilometers, or, in the case a taxi to trust a person does not know your name, through an car with driver will be picked up, will be expected at the station, and, if it saves the address of this website, phone number or address email will be always Alberto Cirea to offer the transport service.

The diversity of services offered by the chauffeur

An chauffeur is not only a vehicle of class that goes from one end of the city or at least a starting point to a destination, as it can be a taxi.

The wide variety of chauffeur services in fact allow you to have a car driver for:

  • Perform normal daily commute;
  • Participate in special occasions gallant;
  • Offer to employees or business partners transport services with class, to work;
  • Organize your business trips where the first impression must be relevant;
  • Move safely.

Moreover, in addition to differences between chauffeur and taxi that you can be very useful in this article should not forget the differences risapute because they are synonymous with quality of the service and you will.

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