Differences Between Minibus and Bus with Driver

1 December 2018 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
differences minivan bus with driver

A minibus and a bus are two different means, also a minibus with driver and a bus with driver have differences, which can influence your trip, I’ll show you in this article.

If you need to rent a vehicle with driver for more people to move in Milan, in the hinterland, in northern Italy and also in some European country you could contact me and ask me for a minibus service with driver.

In fact, more than 3 people with a suitcase each can not request to travel with the sedan car with driver. An obligatory choice is the minibus, or the bus.

The minibus and the bus are two different means, it is obvious. Not for everyone is their possible use to travel with friends. In this article I try to make you more clear about it if you need it.

Places available

Surely, if you need a service with driver for more people, it is the number of people transportable the first logical difference between minibus and bus with driver that should interest you.

Of course it is a banality to most people, however, the difference in the means required can also affect the transport service.

If not necessary a coach, based on the number of people of the group, in fact, it could be an advantage to use a minivan/minibus and a sedan with driver, rather than a bus. Or two minivans.

Space requirements and circulation possibilities

The difference in the number of seats available between minibuses with driver and bus is not just the number of transportable people. They can influence your trip.

In fact, only for example:

  • A bus can not go to mountain villages and/or places with vehicle weight/height limits;
  • As for places with weight and height limits, even in narrow streets, due to the clutter the bus does not pass;
  • A minivan with driver can enter ZTL areas of cities where buses can not enter.

Obviously, in situations of long trips in a group, a bus with a driver is more ideal. In most situations for which you need a car with driver, such as trips, weekends, business appointments, wellness holidays, romantic outings and much more, if you are more than 3 people I recommend a minivan with driver.

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