Differences between Transfer, Disposition and Tour of a NCC

1 May 2021 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
differences transfer diispposition tour ncc

In this article I tell you what are the simple differences between a NCC transfer, disposition and tour service. For the uninitiated, premise that an NCC is a professional chauffeur in Italy.

In this website, since the booking form on the homepage, the words “transfer“, “dispposition” or ““tour” are not mentioned , but they are part of the language used by an NCC and I could tell you.

During the direct contact after, if you have requested a NCC service via the form, email, whatsapp or other I could tell you. You may not understand.

Understanding it is very simple but I think it is my duty to tell you in advance what is meant by a “transfer”, “disposition” or “tour” NCC service.

Transfer with NCC

The transfer service via NCC is the classic “one time” transport service that you may need to make a transfer.

A move from one point to another.

A transfer NCC service on this site is simply called “one way“, it is easier for any person to understand. Even if he has never used a chauffeur service.

Disposition with NCC

As you can clearly understand, a “disposition” service of a NCC is how much a driver is available.

As opposed to a transfer service, where it is easier to call it “one way” the disposition service of a NCC would be more correct – but less simple – to call it disposition. Rather than “round trip” as featured on this website.

However, the simplicity of understanding is greater for most people by saying “round trip” and the stop time. Time in which I will be available.

A “disposition” service of a NCC is equivalent to, for example:

  • Round-trip transportation to a dinner;
  • Accompaniment for shopping;
  • A transport service to go to an event or a meeting that also requires the return.


The tour of a NCC service, in practice, is like the food and wine tour I offer. Or similar wine tasting services in various wineries.

Usually the tour services carried out are established by those who want to do the tour. Or from businesses of various types (travel organization, wineries, etc.) who need someone to accompany people on the tou .

I conclude the article by saying that, as for difference between an hourly and a destination booking also for the transfer, the arrangement or the tour of a NCC changes little.

They are just different terms. Like any service that I or my collaborators do, it can be, and it is customized according to needs.

Contact me and book your personalized transport service with a NCC from the page of online booking of NCC online, by phone (and WhatsApp) at the number +393383407209 or by email at info@albertlimo.com.

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