When do I have an effective advantage to contact an NCC?

1 May 2019 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
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In this simple article I tell you when you have an effective advantage to contact an NCC to move from one part of Milan to another, for a business or pleasure trip.

Anyone who regularly travels with an NCC, or has already used a car with driver service, already knows the advantages of this means of transport.

Beyond the advantages due to the elegant means and all the comforts, which under the circumstances make it obligatory to contact a NCC as a means of transport, for example for institutional commitments or for ceremonies, there are also some effective economic advantages to contact an NCC.

Actual economic benefits of an NCC

Below are the main economic benefits you can get if you contact an NCC. The benefits that have to do with money.

Cost security

Regardless of the economic readiness of everyone, the cost of travel is excellent information.

Since a NCC is obliged by law to agree on the cost of the service before making it you will not have to face bad surprises. Caused, for example, by incorrect people who charge tourists more, to non-regulatory or non-lit italian taxi meters.

Payment method

Not only do younger people use alternative payment methods for cash today. Even for a security factor, many people do not have cash with them. Or they prefer to pay via web services (see PayPal, for example).

Although it is a legal obligation, non-scheduled means of transport do not have a POS to be able to pay with a credit/debit card.

If you use one of my NCC services, you can pay by credit card or PayPal.


Those who need transportation for work for themselves or their employees, occasionally or frequently, need to download the travel costs. An NCC issues an invoice.

If you take advantage of my rental services with a driver and you ask me, I’ll issue a regular electronic invoice.

If you want the invoice and if I do not have your billing details, for the convenience of both I suggest you print the QR code on the website of the revenue agency.


Similar to what I said in the article where I mention the non-discounted benefits of an NCC, to conclude the article I tell you that you could have a positive economic feedback also based on the distance of the trip you want to do.

For journeys of medium-long distances in fact, an NCC can be cheaper than other services of non-scheduled public transport.

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