Electrification, the Transport Sector and Car Rental with Driver

1 November 2021 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
electrification vehicles, transport sector and car rental with driver

In this article I say something about the electrification of vehicles, the great change it will bring in the transport sector and the evolution of car rental with driver.

Even before the various national or international laws concerning polluting emissions, and more recently given the greater number of studies concerning climate change, automotive manufacturers are electrifying their vehicles.

That is, they produce electric and hybrid models. Some have even set a date on which they will only manufacture and market electric cars.

This is no small thing. After the “digital revolution” is a new revolution. The revolution in the world of transport.

The transport sector will totally change

Certainly reducing fewer polluting emissions is good for the health of the Earth. Consequently also for people. So far all studies confirm this.

This radical change, however, will bring with it many new challenges including, for example and not exclusively:

  • Job losses, those who repair combustion vehicles, companies that produce components, workers at petrol stations and others;
  • Increased costs for vehicles, at least initially;
  • The greater demand for electric vehicles by people may be lower than the supply of charging stations;
  • New regulations;
  • New expenses for charging vehicles in private homes;
  • People’s change of habits;
  • The growing use of electricity and the probable reshaping of costs.

Surely these challenges will be opportunities for someone enterprising. Not only that, they are practically destined to be the future normality, which, with technological advancement, may be partially overcome.

The problem for most people, including you reading this article, is private mobility. At least in the short and medium term.

The cost of an electric car may not be affordable for everyone. The life of the car battery, which for the outputs can be limited.

The rental with driver will adapt

My rental vehicles with driver are of a high standard, always in excellent condition and new year on year.

That is, in addition to being class they adapt to pollution regulations. Even with the electrification of the vehicles they will adapt.

Those who need the car with driver services that I offer now will also need them in the future.

Not only that, even those who are not used to using my rental services with driver in the future may be interested. Because he does not own his car and wants freedom of movement, not conditioned by schedules or due to battery capacity and charging problems, he will be in trouble.

Although it is too early to say, if the price of a car with driver is a problem for you, know that with an electric car I will have less fuel costs. Consequently the costs of my services may be lower.

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