This page lists the questions and answers that are asked frequently about the rental with driver services of car, minivan and others offered by Alberto Cirea, you may find yourself answers to your questions.

Certainly transporting people with wheelchairs, but drive the wheelchair takes up almost the entire baggage car so luggage must be soft and dresses, not suitcases.

Yes, we accept them and we know them as people love them and do not come away from them.

Total of all our car can carry two luggages large and 2 trolley hand, the maximum number of passengers is 3, the minibus can carry one baggage big upside.

An unknown customer must give us the down payment by Paypal or credit card number to guarantee.

No, it not depends on us, being a public place prohibited by Italian law.

Methods of payment accepted by the car with driver Alberto Cirea are bank deposit, credit cards, PayPal and cash, bank for deposit and the rest during the trip.

The car can bring a maximum of 3 passengers

If the delay is reported by the companies (aerial or tram) before the exit of the vehicle moves automatically, otherwise we wait 45 minutes, and further charges are pending.

Certainly, we are professionals and we guarantee the best in any case.

Certainly, if the cancellation is made 48 hours before the service the penalty clause is of 30%, if the cancellation is 24 hours before the service the penalty clause is of 50%.

Certainly, they are part of the company, which wants to offer the best, to do this even employees must be.

A supplement it you pay if you have to go to appointments unscheduled, if you have to take extra kilometers than budgeted or if the service will be of longer duration. The budgeted, however, is that, is not approximate.

Yes, on request, just let people know in advance.

It has never happened that late arrivals.

Things not demonstrable not compensate anyone, before exiting the vehicle is a good practice to make sure you have everything with you.