Food and Wine Tourism with Car with Driver

1 April 2018 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car food whine tour

In this article discover as a car with driver you can be useful to fully enjoy the food and wine tourism which is very present in Italy.

With the first days of spring, since the first days of March begin to be days with a pleasant climate that can be used for the first trip out of town.

Usually the months of March and April can be used for trips outside the city. Unfortunately, this year in March the weather was not mild.

April, however, seems to be the month ideal for food and wine tourism.

Car with driver for food and wine tour

The car with driver is not a travel agency, so it does not offer “vacation packages”.

But, using a car with a driver to take a trip out of town with the aim of making a food and wine tour has advantages. I report some:

  • Given the climatic changes in spring there is no need to worry if the clothing is too light or too heavy;
  • Of course, even the worry of not having to drive and maybe make accidents, or take contraventions, after you have drunk a glass of too much you avoid it;
  • Obviously those who do not have a driving license will be able to organize wonderful days out of town without having to wait for coincidences (and undergo climatic changes).

To ask for a food and wine tour with a car with driver is really simple:

Choose your destination among the many excellences present in Italy. Both the “wine roads” and excellent typical dishes are present in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany or elsewhere. You are spoiled for choice.

Let me know via the booking page where you decided to go, at what time and on what day you want to leave/return, in how many you are and you will have the car with driver for your food and wine tour.

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