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1 February 2016 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
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In this article I want to reflect on Google Self-Driving Car because is related to my business, not only, is an article that wants to make you think about it the real economy, technology and automation.

No doubt the Google Car and more generally the self driving cars are a good technological innovation, can be very useful, sometimes “vital”, for example, for people with disabilities, but the fact is that the major automotive companies are investing a lot in these cars, which means that they are going to produce for the masses, and not just for a niche of people.

They do their business even automakers, nothing wrong. Sure?

The technology at the service of people

The technology as well as a convenience many times is a utility, however, is such that up to the point where it is made for the people, and not exclusively for business.

Ideally, technology for the economy should be in support of the real economy, not to replace it, this is not only hypothetical Google Car or self driving cars and who could afford to offer the robotic chauffeur services, but in any other business.

In fact, if the technology will strongly in all sectors of production work of people will be replaced by those from the machines. Who will the real economy? What work will people do?

Rightly, you might think that I only hypotheses futuristic, is not entirely true, as real as a this link you see an application that uses augmented reality to allow people to know the parts of your car, is actually useful, it can also allow you to check the levels of water, oil, etc. who does not know what he’s like an engine minimally. The problem? The mechanic will work less.

Surely the progress and technology is useful a remainder, but we must understand from where the right, about the car service with a driver I do not care much, eventually there will be new convenience for who transport, as now that I have the means to connect to the Internet, which until a few years ago was unthinkable.

If even invent the chauffeur robot I’m just saying, surely will make the shortest route, even if that is enough for the navigator, also know the main attractions and other but certainly not able to distinguish the feelings, will not know the difference between a better view another based on the situation/the event of those who want to see the view, it will advise according to personal taste, human, will not help to carry bags and more.

What do you think about technology in replacement of people?

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