The Size of the Baggage is Important

1 August 2019 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
dimensione bagagli prenotare auto ncc

In this article I am referring to you because reporting the size of your luggage if you want to use a car rental service with driver is important, fundamental.

Not long ago in the form of booking car with driver of this website you may have seen that I added a written where I suggest to refer to the size of the luggage. Through this article I will explain why it is essential for me to know if you travel with luggage.

Not all baggage is the same size

People who need a trip with a car with a driver can do it for different reasons. Based on the motivation and personal preferences, which differ from person to person, the size of the luggage that people bring with them is also different.

For example, there are those in a trolley who manage to get us everything we need for a week, and those who, perhaps because they pass by to find distant relatives and give them presents, move with huge suitcases for a stay of a couple of days.

While it is true that based on needs and habits, people move around with different sized luggage, there is an undeniable fact: the size of the car that drives the driver is always the same.

Although I only have luxury cars in my saloon car fleet that have all the comforts and are very spacious, the trunk has a limited size. It can be large enough even if a person travels with bulky baggage, if the number of people increases (as often happens, ed) it can become a problem.

A problem for both. In the worst case I could waste time and you money without making the journey trip, if the bulky baggage is not in the car and inevitably you will not be able to use the transport service.

Solving this is very simple, or you can directly book a minivan, or at least I have already solved it, adding to the booking form requesting luggage size.

I will recommend you a minivan instead of a sedan after you tell me the size of the luggage.

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