An NCC’s is Not a Italian Blue Car (Auto Blu)

1 June 2017 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
car with driver not blue car

Several times a chauffeur driven car driven by an NCC is mistaken for a so- alled blue car, do not have anything to do with the blue car NCC, in this article I explain why.

Obviously those who do not know what are the NCC (rental with driver) or class car with driver and sees a luxury car with tinted windows might think it is a so-called blue car, looks can be deceiving, the difference is great.

The blue car

To explain why a NCC is not a blue car in this article I will rely primarily on what they do the blue car as, for example, the page where list car with driver sevices offered, or in the various articles of the blog you can clearly understand what makes an NCC.

The name of the blue car (italian “auto blu”) comes from the fact that the flashing blue and/or because of their color, even though they are not only dark blue. They are often mistaken for NCC because usually are classy and well maintained car in practice are the only things that unite a blue car at a car with driver, type NCC.

The blue car is in fact the cars of the Italian State, made available to officers of state to make institutional shifts or otherwise are only available to them for representation and are not for everyone.

In addition, the blue car plus the driver may have armed escort, which a limousine service does not, however, desired and if not I know I can offer you a the service with bodyguard although obviously not the same thing as the armed escort, if you needed more security in your travels is still a high level of security.

To conclude this article I only say that if you did not know, I hope I made it clear that a NCC is not a italian blue car and what are the main differences.

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