Why do not I see rental with driver prices?

1 September 2017 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
price car with driver online

In this article I’m telling you why, if you want to know the price of my rental car rental services, or if you want to know prices for other car with a driver, online you don’t find it except in special cases.

Although this “trend” is slowly coming to an end, because people are realizing that behind a low price can conceal the pitfalls such as the low quality, less services or the “hidden” costs for services needed to make Increase the price.

Since internet price comparisons exist, much is used to decide which products or services to buy only on the basis of the price of the same.

Car rental services with driver are same, however, it is a professional reality that hardly exposes the price of its services, in this article I explain why I do it.

Professionalism and Customization

The premise I do about professionalism is that the professionalism of an chauffeur can be even if it shows the price, as is only a factor of all the transport service offered, so it is not necessarily a bad thing to If you do not see rental prices with driver online.

The impossibility of finding online car rental with driver prices online does not only happen because, at the time the article is written, it is regulated by the italian professional category – requires contact with the driver then the acceptance of the price – but also because the variables may be different.

We admit you should go to Milan by plane, and on your way to land you would land at Milan Malpensa, and return landing from Orio al Serio.

Through a couple of simple and realistic examples I understand why online and on this website do not see the rental price with driver:

  • If from Milan to Bergamo there was a traffic jam and I knew in advance, unfortunately the time of transport would increase, and I should realize it;
  • Having a fixed price for certain trips, if you needed to make a stop for some time I would still ask you for a raise, knowing all the details of the trip and defining it in advance will be useful to both;
  • If you have used my transport services recurrently, for you, your customers or your employees, we could make commercial agreements and the cost of transport from Milan to the airport would be lower.

Other reasons

Of course, car rental prices with online drivers are not shown, apart from rare cases (and on ad sites, coming from non-professionals/black workers, ndr) also for competition.

There would be the one that is defined as “the price war where everyone would drop down and by virtue of things the quality of the service would diminish. Although this is essential for a professional service, I end up doing so because of the many.

In this article I hope to explain why you do not often see the cost of renting a driver, and why is not bad.

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