Using this page, needed to enforce the law Italian, European and beyond, you can be informed which data are collected from this web site, how they are treated, who is the owner of the data, your rights and not only.

Any data collected will not be still sensitive data.

This page is also a copyright notice and other site’s terms of service.

Server LOG

To analyze internet traffic to prevent actions of tampering by hackers, web server autonomously collects data such as IP address, time of visit, page visits and site of origin, these data in a LOG file are deleted automatically every 24 hours.


This web site to work best and to guarantee all the features present in it are working correctly uses cookies, they are small text files containing information that does not personally t’identificano.

If you do not want them, although it is not recommended as it could not operate all features of this site and others then also block them, each browser has its methodology, searching with a search engine things like “how to block cookies Firefox“,”how to block cookies Chrome“,”how to block cookies Internet Explorer” and the like, depending on the browser you are using, you will find at the top of the results the official information that will tell you how to block them.

Third Party Cookies

To see useful statistics about the visitors to know the content they want, hence to improve the service offered on this website uses Google Analytics, it sets its cookies but are disabled detection capabilities of the IP address, is made anonymous, does not allow to identify exactly who is visiting the website

If you run advertising with Google AdWords and if functionality is used remarketing it sets its cookies through this website.

Both the privacy policy of AdWords and Analytics can deepen, from this page if you want to manage your advertising preferences of Google, you can view this page, for disable Analytics cookie visit this page

Data collected

The data collected through this site are stored and displayed only for issues related to the auto reservations, they include full name, date of arrival, people where you are, and little else.

CMS also automatically collects data every time you leave a comment in the news section, they are IP address, time of comment, given name, email address and website address, if you want to delete this data and comments you can contact us in the methods provided.


The controller of the data collected is: Alberto Cirea, via Aselli 23, 20133, Milan; any data collected will be used only for their intended purpose and will not be sold to third parties.

The collected data are treated with the utmost respect for privacy and the highest standards of information security, even if they are stored online as a backup are not publicly accessible but are transmitted in encrypted connections and are protected by password.


Making a website takes time, effort and money, make beautiful photography is not easy and this website is a task for which, as provided by Italian law any content contained in this website is covered by copyright, it is forbidden to spread even partially, without the consent by any means.

If you insert content from other sources such as images they are in the public domain (copyleft), have been bought or are reusable even for commercial purposes, in the latter case will be referred to the author as provided by the license of the contents themselves.

Conditions payments via the website

All reservations made through communications games from this website can be canceled by 24 before the date of booking you send us an email to

You will be entitled to a refund of the full amount or equivalent service that can be consumed within the current calendar year.