Private taxi in Milan, what you need to know

1 January 2022 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
private taxi milan

In this article find out what you need to know about the private taxi service in Milan and why you can contact me if you need a private taxi in Milan.

The necessary premises that I make in this article, although I have already said the differences between taxi and italian NCC are that:

  • I’m an NCC (italian car rental with driver) and not a taxi;
  • Taxis are a non-scheduled public transport service;
  • Private taxi service does not exist in Italy.

This article, for you, as well as allowing you to discover new things, can be useful if you are one of those people looking for a private taxi in Milan. In fact, even if it is not a synonym, for italian people “private taxi” is synonymous with “NCC“. As are other words.

Private taxi in Milan: car with driver at disposition

In the collective imagination of people who do not know the acronym NCC (Rental With Driver, in italian “Noleggio Con Conducente”), rightly, there are taxis, which are in their parking areas and the “private taxis“, taxis always available for getting around.

One taxi available is a private taxi. But there is no private taxi.

As I have already said, however, there is the NCC arrangement service. That is a driver at disposition for the customer to make the trips and who waits for him while he does something else.

Through the service in which I am available I can be your private taxi in Milan. Even if I’m not a taxi the result is what matters.

All you have to do to get a private taxi in Milan is to contact me in advance to tell me where to pick you up, your destination and the stops you want to make.

I will not have a meter, I repeat, I am not a taxi. You will not have any nasty surprises at the start, the rental service with driver plans to stipulate the price in advance, and offer the transport service only if it is agreed.

If you need a private taxi in Milan you can book online, or, if you prefer, you can send me an email at or call or write me on WhatsApp at +393383407209.

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