Promotions Car With Driver Autumn/Winter 2015

1 November 2015 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
promotions car with driver autumn winter

With the change of season, as has been done for promotions spring/summer rightly in autumn/winter we have a promotions of rental car with driver.

Before going into the details of the promotions of car with driver and advice proposed for autumn and winter 2015 for the most scrupulous it is fair to say because they are made promotions:

In the summer, winter tires will wear out very easily, and visit remote areas with summer tires may be more risky, in autumn and winter the overall state of the car is ideal to address that usually travel in the spring and in the summer you do not make or, the excellence of service as all the amenities are not lacking even if the price will be more affordable.

Mountain and ski resorts

Surely, even if you are not fans of winter sports, even just for a day of relaxation autumn and winter it is ideal if spent in the mountains.

In autumn in the mountains you can find mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts and see/photograph the beautiful colors, there are days when the weather is still mild, and traditional food in the mountains from their best at this time of year as the nature and traditions offer exceptional taste.

Undoubtedly the winter for many is synonymous with winter sports, and even if you do not practice ski resorts are extremely attractive, not only in winter but it is the time when there are major events and which they are populated by beautiful people.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets are definitely a good opportunity to make a trip out of the winter, and not necessarily at Christmas and not just going to visit the famous markets of Innsbruck or the like.

Given the large turnout of people that draw Christmas markets are now made in the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Italy, and, very often there are already by mid-November.

If you want to go this fall or winter in the mountains, at a ski resort or to the Christmas markets not worry about the stress of driving, the tail because I know many alternative roads also impressive and if you want to travel in style contact me.

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