Promotions Spring Summer 2015

3 June 2015 Da Alberto Cirea New Services
promotions chauffeur spring summer 2015

Who said that a car and driver can not do promotions in Spring and Summer?, logically changing needs of those requesting transport service also who the car driving and provides the transport adapts , expanding its offerings and doing promotions than at other times of the year are not present.

Car with driver services dedicated to the summer

In Spring and Summer in the mild climate and sometimes sultry make me the desire to go to a cool or cool off, undress to bathe or go to places where there is a temperature more acceptable, Alberto Cirea with its means you can bring.

Tours of lakes

Although there is no sea in Lombardy there are (at least) 4 lakes, counting only those larger, with more comfort, with more tourism, yet with quiet places, reserved and classy.

Specials promotions Spring Summer 2015 by Alberto Cirea not limited only to a reduction of cost to go to a particular lake but also to visit more than one, of course, in this case one day you will be able to see very little, it is best to think of immediately rid at least a couple of days, a weekend is ideal.

Termal centers, SPA, health clubs

The spa, or call termal centers and sometimes even health clubs, although not always are the spas, even if they are available all year long is the period of the Spring and Summer, which, thanks to the climate arouse more interest.

During the Spring Summer 2015 are also those who want to relax in spas, and who also want to relax on the way contacting the chauffeur Alberto Cirea will benefit promotions in Spring and Summer 2015.

Better prices for renting car and go out the door

The reason why a car with driver can afford to do promotions is simple, although sometimes there is more traffic driving in the summer is less unnerving, there is less risk due to the road so there is less likelihood of ‘incurring drawbacks.

Although in this article have been reported only examples only to understand what can be of service in promotion in Spring and Summer 2015 offered, they can be appreciated by many types of people, with different age groups.

The main advantage of these promotions you can take those of Milan because Milan are accessible without too much road both lakes spas.

Unfortunately, due to competition the discounted price of services is not possible to bring him publicly, though, if during the Spring and Summer 2015 if you want to take advantage of promotions with both car with driver who promotions minibus with driver does not have to do is call the number +393383407209, send an email to or send a request via the contact page.

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