Quality chauffeur and economic car with driver

1 March 2016 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
quality car with driver cheap

In this article, as I did in the recent one that says the differences between cars with driver and self drivings cars for the transport of people, say the current problem that concerns everyone although in different sectors, but obviously related to the services I offer,the problem that exists between quality chauffeur and economic car rental with driver.

The money make economy, not the services

In some ways, unfortunately, even if there is the “sharing economy” and the like, we are still in an era where capitalism is an essential pillar of a nation, although Italy is still founded on capitalism, for example the Italian nation when It is described as “healthy” is based on the taxes, also derived from taxes on labor that later turn, or you should turn in services for citizens.

This means that fewer people are spending less tax goes less to the state, and honest businesses are increasingly difficult due to the tax burden, this is not only related to the quality chauffeur but in every productive sector.

The quality is affected also by the cost

In addition, inevitably cheap chauffeur with respect to one of quality, or another product or service compared to an income of quality, to lower the price should lower the quality of the service, or pay employees less, not have the car to 100% of the optimal conditions, and so on, is not only damage to the economy but also for the quality of service that people will have.

Yes, there may be several exceptions for which, thanks to a different business setting the price of chauffeur may be less and the quality of almost identical services, in these cases, however, my advice is to check whether the service truly caters all needs and actually reflects the quality standards.

Finally I say that, with this article I do not mean it that I offer chauffeur economic services or too expensive, I do pay the right, the right is derived by the excellent relationship between quality and price imposed by the market and all the costs necessary for offer a professional service of the highest quality, please contact me, you will have proof.

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