Renting a car for abroad with an NCC is simple

1 March 2022 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
rent car abroad from milan NCC

If you need to rent a car to go abroad in this article you can find out how with a NCC is simple and convenient. A NCC is a professional car with driver in Italy.

Surely if you were looking for a car to go abroad, you would most likely want to drive it independently. Do not rely on a rental with driver (NCC).

Equally true, however, that you may not know everything you need to be able to drive a car abroad, the necessary documents, licenses if they are okay, you may want to know what to do in case of misunderstandings and other similar questions.

As I said in the article that presents the service of car with driver to go abroad I offer the NCC service for the abroad, but below you can discover the advantages of an NCC if you want to rent a car without a driver for abroad.

Abroad with a NCC is simple and not worry

If you want to rent a car before going abroad, surely the first thing you need to do is to inform yourself. Online, from insurance companies and elsewhere.

Information alone is not a problem. All the misunderstandings that could arise can become.

Disadvantages that could be, summarily:

  • If those who rent the car allow travel abroad;
  • The validity of the driving license;
  • Fares for traveling abroad;
  • The different regulations of the highway code.

This information, to be able to turn into concrete facts and to prepare you for the trip should be done long before the trip. That is, they would be complications and would give you thoughts.

Complications and useless thoughts if you rely on an NCC to go abroad.

Surely it is different to rent a car and drive it, compared to renting a car with an NCC it is different. Different but definitely more comfortable for you.

All you have to do if you want to rent a car to go abroad with an NCC just contact me to book a transport service to abroad and you just have to let me know the date and time of departure, the destination and when you want to come back.

You can book your NCC service for abroad through the booking page, by phone (and WhatsApp) at the number +393383407209 or by email at

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