A Round Trip Are 4 Trips?

1 December 2017 Da Alberto Cirea Good to Know
round trip NCC

NCC, that is, the italian rental car with driver has the obligation to depot, if you ask for a round-trip service you may ask me if you have to pay me 4 rides, no, I’ll explain why .

The Italian regulation of the NCC category, vehicles with professional drivers recognized as non-line public transport services – which I am part of – provide the obligation to depot.

In a nutshell, the depot obligation is that law of the category of charterers of car with driver (NCC) which obliges the NCC category of having to put the car in the baggage after a race was carried out to carry people.

This imposition might make you think that if, for example, asks me a return trip from and to a place, instead of making 2 trips I will do it 4, by increasing the cost of the service.

Flexibility without surcharge

Although the hypothetical question you might have about you may be make sense, I tell you that:

  • Also legally there may be derogations;
  • I always think of the relationship between quality and price, take on flexibility in my services , as needed, in the case and thinking of both parties.

In practice, I always think that do not spend more than just and at the same time do not put us back.

Helping me explain to you what she said with a couple of probable examples:

If your stop at a place was several hours, and if the service I offered did not foresee, such as a ceremony, where I usually remain available, I might ask you in advance if I should stay or if you would not use my presence.

You could also ask me the price difference for both situations.

In this way, you can flexibly choose the service I offer you as you need.

For a transport of several hundreds of kilometers it is understood that I would not be obliged to replenish but my service would start from the start up to the destination, and again until the start.

A curiosity: if you do a booking a car or minibus with a driver on this site you can select whether to make a trip based on distance (one way) or a round trip, there are never 4 trips.

I hope to clarify that for return journeys the obligation to depot that I have to undergo as NCC depends only on your needs .

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